Summer Picnic

Become a Member!

Membership is open to any OSU alum, spouse, or significant other — or anyone interested in OSU. There are many benefits to being a member of our club. We have an annual picnic, dinner meeting, and holiday party which are great places to network and meet new people. We arrange for a place to watch every football game as a group. There are also several other events per year, such as supporting the OSU Alumni Band’s visit in ’02 and the OSU men’s volleyball team when they came to Hawaii in ’07, ’12, ’13 & ’14.

Membership dues are $10 (add $5 for spouses) per year and is renewable at annual meeting time each year.

For the Membership Form, click here: OSU membership form 2016

If you’re not able to get to the form this way, e-mail Steve Hanson <> to have a form mailed to you.